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KO-SO CAFE特製の塩こうじを使用した、スープの3個セット!













For fasting preparation and recovery meals♪ Soup set (gluten-free) ¥2,300

A set of three soups made with KO-SO CAFE's special salted rice malt!

Please use it as a preparation for fasting, recovery food, or as an extra item for your usual meals!

・Potato potage

・Carrot potage

・Pumpkin potage

Three types will be shipped as one set.


<Capacity> Approximately 230g per bag

<Preservation method> If you are not going to eat it right away, be sure to store it in the freezer. It cannot be stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator for a long time.

<Expiration date> Approximately 2 weeks when frozen


<Delivery date> Since each item is handmade, it takes a certain date to ship. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please allow up to six business days for your order to be shipped. If you have a desired delivery date, please enter it in the remark’s column when oordering.

ファスティングの準備食・回復食に♪ スープセット(グルテンフリー)Soup set (gluten-free)

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